Established in 2017, Sycamore Ridge Ceramics Studio is a private artisan craft facility with up to 14 members at any time. Studio members are experienced potters who are capable of working independently but who enjoy the interaction that comes from a community studio. Most of our studio spaces are semi-private or private, with shared glazing and hand-building areas.

We are situated in a lovely, secluded property just outside the city limits of Bloomington, Indiana, with ample parking and 24/7 studio access for members.

Each member has a generous amount of studio space at a very reasonable monthly cost. We are a cohesive, supportive, and cooperative group of ceramic artisans.

Sycamore Ridge Ceramics Studio strives to be highly responsive to member needs and ideas; members cooperate to ensure the efficient and smooth running of the studio.

We do not offer classes, firing services, or studio space to non-members. If you are looking for instruction, we suggest you contact the following:

Sycamore Ridge Ceramics Studio does not and shall not discriminate based upon race, religion (creed), national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, marital status, or military status. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for our members.


The Sycamore Ridge Ceramics Studio is located in a converted former private home amidst more than 50 acres of protected forest.

The house and grounds are entirely studio space, except the former garage, which is now a woodworking shop. We have eight electric wheels and one kick wheel spread out among five studio areas; two slab rollers; a room for shared glazes and glazing; a separate kiln shed for our three electric kilns; a large space dedicated to hand building; and ample common space – both inside and out – for relaxing, talking, and sharing clay knowledge and experiences.

We bisque fire all work to cone 04 and run regular glaze firings to cone 5 or 6.